Father thrilled after company makes special sippy cup for his autistic son

'I could not be happier if I won the lottery'

A father who launched a campaign to find a special sippy cup for his autistic son is overjoyed that the company that manufactures them has provided him with a lifetime’s supply.

Ben Carter will only drink from a blue Tommee Tippee cup which prompted his dad Marc to put out an appeal on social media after he became concerned the cup was wearing out.

He said Ben refused drinks that were not in the cup and had been hospitalised in the past due to severe dehydration.

His request for replacement cups was seen by the company who scoured the world to find the moulds for the old design which they hadn’t manufactured for 20 years.

It has said it will make a run of 500 cups to ensure Ben has a lifetime supply.

Says Marc: ‘Just knowing he has these cups gives us peace of mind.’

Source: New Idea

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