Father sentenced for killing his three-year-old daughter

Matthew Lee Williamson sentenced today..
7 News

A Queensland man has been sentenced to nine years behind bars for the manslaughter of his little girl.

Three-year-old Kyhesha-Lee Joughin died in March 2013 after being subjected to prolonged physical and sexual abuse.

Three days before she died, her father, Matthew Lee Williamson, 32, punched her so hard in the stomach that he ruptured her bowel.

Doctors said that Kyhesha would have been in such pain in the last 12 hours of her life, she would have been able to eat, sleep or move.

Matthew Williamson with Kyhesha-Lee (Credit: 7 News)

But instead of seeking medical treatment for the little girl, Williamson and his flatmate, Christopher Kent, who has already been sentenced for the toddler’s manslaughter, spent three days taking drugs.

‘Her death was not inevitable,’ Justice Roslyn Atkinson said during sentencing. ‘Her physical injuries could have been treated.’

Khyesha’s mother, Danielle Joughin, 29, spoke outside court, saying she was pleased with the sentence, but that she didn’t feel justice had been served.

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