Fake news story of ’couple who discovered they were twins at IVF clinic’ goes viral

The story was literally incredible.

A shocking story which captivated the internet and went viral is suspected to be a hoax after some key details were unable to be backed up.

The dramatic story describes a couple who were having trouble falling pregnant and so they decided to look into IVF.

During the initial testing, the doctor makes the horrific discovery that the couple are far too alike genetically. In fact – the parents are twins who were separated at birth and, because of a debacle with paperwork, had no idea they had a twin.

The story reportedly came from a newspaper called the Mississippi Herald, and quotes a fertility doctor in Jackson, Mississippi.


The thing is – the Mississippi Herald website only appeared in November last year, and is linked to two other ‘fake’ news sites The Denver Inquirer and the Florida Sun Post.

The Mississippi Herald website only recently started posting stories – days before the IVF hoax went viral.

Local paper Mississippi Sun-Herald told The Mirror Online that there is no such paper as the Mississippi Herald, and that with only anonymous sources, no named author, the outlandish story is unverifiable and likely fake news.

The other reason we know it’s a fake? We got fooled by it in November last year.

Not only is it fake news – it’s OLD fake news.

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