Doctors remove live cockroach from woman’s ear after it burrowed in as she slept

The video is gruesome!

When Su woke up one morning she made a grisly discovery – a cockroach had crawled into her ear as she slept. Not only that – she couldn’t remove it and it was beginning to be very painful!


After failing to get it out herself, Su headed to the doctors who used their expertise to extract the creepy crawly.


‘The patient came in complaining of pain in her ear, claiming that an insect had crawled inside it – and that it was still moving,’ ear, nose, throat specialist Dr Meng Jie said.


After being given a local anaesthtic, Su’s unwelcome visitor was removed with tweezers.


Thankfully Su won’t have any permanent damage to her ear – but she will probably sleep with earplugs in from now on!

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