Gut-churning video shows massive clump of wax pulled from woman’s ear

Warning: not for the queasy!

A video showing a doctor removing massive clumps of hardened earwax from a woman’s ear has gone viral after viewers can’t decide if they’re sickened or satisfied.

In the clip, shared to YouTube by the channel Earwax Specialist, a doctor is using a long tool to manoeuvre a dark clod of wax inside a woman’s ear canal.

It’s hard to look away when the doctor starts to gouge out what looks like a never-ending chunk of yellowy-brown gunk.  

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The doctor then wipes off the tool in a kidney bowl, before going in again, occasionally adding ear drops to presumably help loosen the content.

The entire procedure takes a few minutes, and you’ll be astonished at how much wax one ear cavity can contain.

Whether you think it’s cringe-worthy or captivating, one thing is for sure – she probably has incredible hearing now!

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