Disgusting dad gets what’s coming to him after throwing punch at a 14-year-old

Surprise! Martial arts!
Facebook / Connor Jackson

A video posted to Facebook has shown the astonishing moment a foul-mouthed father throws a punch at a 14-year-old – who just so happens to know martial arts.

Connor Jackson’s dad, Nathan, shared the video saying he couldn’t be prouder of his son.

He stood up to the bullies and put him them in their place.

‘He didn’t go for anymore, he just protected himself and that’s all you need to do.’

The video starts out with what looks like a fight over a scooter that apparently started out between Connor’s 12-year-old brother and another child at the park.

The other kid’s parents step in and start shouting down the teenage kids, trying to egg their son into starting a fight.

When the kid refuses to fight Connor, the dad steps in and swings a punch.

Connor, who trains in mixed martial arts, deflects the attack and hits back with two well-timed punches before escaping into the bowl.

Nathan says he can’t believe how the parents dealt with the problem.

‘Who in the right mind tries to hit a child?

‘This low life wanted his son to knock out another child and cause lasting damage – it’s unbelievable.’

Police passing by questioned the group, but Nathan says Connor isn’t interested in pursuing legal action.

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