Dad writes teen savage note after confiscating her phone

So cheeky!

A dad who confiscated his teenage daughter’s mobile added salt to the wound with a tongue-in-cheek note he slipped under her bedroom door.

A picture of the note was shared on Twitter by a friend of the phoneless-girl. Drawn up to look like the screen of a phone, it looks like a series of text messages from ‘Daddio’. 

‘Hi daughter. Hope you are behaving yourself. I love you,’ read the first hand-drawn text.

Followed by a heart emoji, and then the question: ‘Why aren’t you answering me?’


Clearly amused by his own antics, he then wrote: ‘Oh wait…’ following with a picture of a smiley laughing so hard there are tears coming out of its eyes.  

Eagle-eyed texting fans have noticed that while hilarious, his note made one crucial mistake:  

We still think dad wins this round!

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