Dad worried about his kids not coming home finds their bodies in his garden shed

Horrifying discovery.

When this dad said goodnight to his kids he had no idea it would be for the last time.


Sending his older teenagers off to a party, he soon became worried when they didn’t come home.


The party had taken place in a shed on his property where a group of 18 to 19 year old boys and girls had met up.


Heading out to the shed, dad made the horrifying discovery that every single person in the building was dead – including his children.


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After emergency services arrived it became clear there was no hope of reviving the children.


Police say it doesn’t look like there was any violent crime leading to the deaths.


It is speculated that the wood-fired heater in the building could have released carbon monoxide which slowly poisoned the group.


An autopsy is being performed to confirm the cause of the tragic deaths.

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