Wife saves the day after hubby asks Coles for solution to choc-chip cookie dilemma

‘Dear Aunty Coles…’ he writes.

A man with a dairy allergy has had an adorable back and forth with Coles, asking for help as to whether he should chow down on some chocolate chip cookies he bought. Thankfully – or not? – his wife stepped in.

After Brad McCulloch went to the shops and picked up a packet of ‘ultimate’ chocolate chip cookies as a treat for the kids he found himself licking his lips – strongly tempted to try one.

Only the problem is, Brad has an allergy to dairy and eating one would no doubt make him very ill. So he turned to the cookie’s maker, Coles, to help solve his problem.

‘Dear Aunty Coles,’ the post begins.

A couple of years ago, after a particularly nasty sinus infection, i developed an allergy to dairy. Eating pretty much anything that contains dairy leads to about a week of debilitating headaches.’

So, i’m looking at these bikkies that i bought for my kids, and i’m honestly asking myself the question: Is a week of pain worth it? I mean, look at these. What do you think?’

Coles’ reasonable response was that he should probably NOT eat the biscuits, suggesting maybe the kids could describe the taste to him so he could experience it without getting ill – something Brad says definitely did not work last time!

Thankfully for Coles, Brad’s wife Janine came to the rescue, commenting ‘We got cookies? Yay!’

Not long after she commented with a picture of the empty packet, saying ‘Always looking out for you Darling. Problem solved! #you’rewelcome’

When Coles asked her how they were she said she didn’t eat them – but that she put them away for the kids.

Sure, Janine, sure. 

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