Holiday-makers told to ‘seek alternative accommodation’ by hotel in the midst of cyclone

How scary!
Facebook - Rachael Aracic

A Melbourne couple holidaying in Hamilton Island were allegedly forced to flee the safety of their hotel as Cyclone Debbie hit when they were unable to pay for an extra night’s accommodation.

Rachael Aracic and her partner Tyson Griffiths were due to fly home on Tuesday when the stage four cyclone forced airlines to suspended all outgoing flights.

Unable to pay $400 for an extra night’s stay, the couple were reportedly told by staff to ‘seek alternative accommodation’ despite the life-threatening storm brewing outside.

The pair were provided with a cyclone kit, complete with a torch and batteries, in preparation for the storm, but instead sought refuge at a nearby evacuation centre.

‘We decided it wasn’t safe… we had to get out.’ Aracic told Seven News.

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