Couple arrested and charged with faking gruesome murder to get money from relative

They admit it was a bad choice.
Sandusky Police Department

A couple who staged a bloody bathroom murder scene with tomato sauce have been arrested after they used the photos to terrifying family.

The Sandusky Police Department say that Nataleigh Schlette got into the bathtub, covered in tomato sauce, and posed to make it look like a bloody murder scene.

Her partner, Micah Risner, then sent the picture to his sister, texting that he had committed the gruesome murder of his girlfriend.

fake murder scene
The dramatic photo sent Micah’s sister into a panic. (Credit: Sandusky Police Department)

Police officers arrived at the couple’s house after Micah’s mother and grandmother phoned emergency services, reporting a homicide.

(Credit: Sandusky Police Department)

All the while Micah was texting his sister who amazingly was trying to figure out what he should do with the body and telling him to delete the messages he was sending

micah cops arrive
Micah’s sister was offering some incredible advice. (Credit: Sandusky Police Department)

Speaking with Inside Edition, Nataleigh recalls what happened when the police arrived.

‘They’re like we’re here for a report of a homicide. And I was like, ‘No, no, no. That was me. I was in the bathtub. It was fake. It was a joke. I’m right here.’

Police chief John Orzech told the Daily Mail it was a ‘very bad joke’.

‘It looked very real. It looked like someone had been murdered or could have been self-inflicted.

‘You don’t know at the time, but if you look at the photo just getting it, it looks like a real crime scene incident.’

He added that Micah apparently was owed money by his sister and was trying to get her over to the house.

The couple have been charged with ‘inciting a panic’ and admitted to Inside Edition that they regret pulling the prank.

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