Coronavirus Australia: Woman fined $1300 for spitting on Brisbane hospital workers

Appalling behaviour

A woman has been fined $1300 after spitting on two workers at a Brisbane hospital – a day after the penalty was introduced.

The woman spat on a health worker at Prince Charles Hospital in Brisbane’s north on Tuesday.

She then spat on a security officer as she left the hospital.

“She spat on a health worker and was asked to leave,” Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll said.

“On the way out, (she) then further spat on a government security officer.”

“That female has been issued with the new infringement notice that was introduced recently for spitting on health care and emergency service workers.”

The on-the-spot $1300 fines were announced on Monday after the state government revealed an increase of attacks on frontline workers, with some people threatening them with the transmission of COVID-19.

“A cough can be used as a weapon. A sneeze can be as dangerous as a knife. Spitting is, of course, always disgusting,” Health Minister Steven Miles said on Monday.

“They should never feel threatened at work. They should certainly never be threatened with being deliberately infected with COVID-19.

“This new order will allow us to protect our essential workers from deliberate coughing, sneezing and spitting.”

This article first appeared on 7NEWS and has been republished with permission. 

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