Confronting road safety ad aims to shock Aussies into paying attention

Graphic ad aims to counter rising pedestrian fatalities.

An ad released by the Pedestrian Council of Australia aims to counter the terrifying increase of pedestrian deaths in the recent years by encouraging Aussies to pay attention and not get engross in their phones.

The clip starts out peacefully, a young woman picks a song on her phone and smiles as it plays through her headphones on a sunny day.

Suddenly a car strikes her in full view, the music cuts out and the scene cuts to black with the white words of warning ’don’t tune out’ appear.

“This is the most powerful ad we’ve ever done,” the groups spokesman Harokd Scrubby told 7 News Online.

“Everyone who’s seen it is pretty shocked by it.”

Pedestrian road death have been increasing in recent years, which are being attributed to people being distracted by their phones while walking.

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