Cold-blooded killer of Melbourne woman still on the loose

The body of Aiia Maasarwe was found on Wednesday morning.

The cold-blooded killer of a 21-year-old student in Melbourne remains on the loose.

The body of Aiia Maasarwe, an exchange student from Israel, was found just metres from a tram stop in Bundoora, Melbourne on Wednesday morning.

It is understood Aiia had alighted the 86 tram on her way home when she was attacked and left for dead.

Homicide detectives believe Aiia may have been stalked by her attacker after getting off the tram.

Clothes, including a black cap and a black and grey t-shirt, were found discarded near the crime scene.

Victoria Police
(Credit: Victoria Police)

Former homicide squad detective Charlie Bezzina has warned the killer may strike again if he isn’t caught soon.

‘It’s imperative that those who have knowledge of some sort… assist police,’ he told 3AW. ‘This person will be known to somebody.’

‘The potential is there for him to kill again. They’ve got to live with their conscience. If this person or persons strike again, they have to live with that and say could I have stopped that?’

Victoria Police
(Credit: Victoria Police)

Detective Inspector Andrew Stamper said police are treating it as a ‘random attack’.

He has implored the community to contact investigators if they have any information on the whereabouts of the killer.

‘Someone has come home on Tuesday night, or the early hours of Wednesday morning, maybe with blood on them, missing items of clothing, somebody knows about this and we need help,’ he said. 

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