“He’s turning blue”, chilling emergency call made by man who murdered his girlfriend’s toddler

He tried to blame his injuries on a fall.

A man who claimed his girlfriend’s toddler died after ‘falling off the bed’ has been heard in a chilling call to triple-0 moments after the boy died.

Mason Parker was just a toddler when he died after suffering a massive skull fracture, over 50 bruises, and a ruptured bowl after being left alone with his mum’s boyfriend in Townsville, 2011.

The clip was played on Channel 9’s 60 Minutes and reveals killer Troy Reed saying ‘He’s just not responding.’ and asking ‘What do I do?’

Reed claimed later in a police interview that Mason fell off of a bed and hit his head on the way down.

Daily Mail reports that Mason’s mum Cindy Sandeman had been told by childcare workers at Mason’s daycare that her boy had shown up with bruises, but she continued to let him look after him.

Cindy says it didn’t occur to her that Reed could have been attacking her son.

Troy Reed has been sentenced to life in prison for murder and assault causing grievous body harm.

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