Cheeky toddler sees funny side of being locked in car

Fireys can't help smiling at his massive grin!

This mischievous little tot couldn’t hide his delight after firefighters turned up to rescue him from a car.

Mum Kirsty Green, 27, was horrified to find her 18-month-old son Brandon had managed to lock himself in her car while she loaded her groceries into the boot.

The cheeky toddler somehow activated the vehicle’s central locking, and Kirsty’s keys were then stuck in the boot.

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Thankfully, it was a cold and overcast day so, although she panicked at first, Kirsty knew her boy wouldn’t overheat.
As a small crowd of shoppers gathered, a shop worker called the fire service for help.
They quickly got to work opening the door, but the situation escalated when Brandon picked up a coin and put it his mouth.
So the fireys smashed the back window and pulled Brandon to safety.
Luckily, Brandon was absolutely fine, and even seemed to enjoy his adventure!

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