UPDATE: body of 11-year-old boy riding boogie board in floodwaters swept into stormwater drain


Police have confirmed the body of a missing child has been found after disappearing during heavy rain last night.

Ryan Teasdale, 11, was playing in the floodwaters in a park with his brother and some other kids, riding boogie boards over the high water.

His body was found around 11am this morning in a creek bed, after apparently being swept into a stormwater drain.

Police report that around 4.30pm, Ryan’s brother, 13, noticed his brother was missing. After two hours he still hadn’t been found, so the family called the police who are conducting a search with local police, Police Rescue, and the SES.

He was last seen shirtless, wearing blue board shorts and carrying a blue body board.

Our deepest sympathies are with the family after this tragic accident.

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