Boy ends first school day sedated and restrained

His mother has been left devastated.
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An eight-year-old Canadian boy has had a scarily memorable first day of school.

For mother, Debbie Kiroff it didn’t shock her at all as she told CBC News that her son suffers from behavioral issues and learning disabilities.

The incident occurred when an argument broke out between her son and another boy over the usage of a computer. He stormed off when teachers tried to settle the situation which caused the school to phone Kiroff to pick up her son.

Busy at work, Kiroff instead sent her daughter to retrieve her son. But it was too late when she arrived as her daughter phoned her mother to tell her: ‘Mom, they’ve already got him in the police car. They’re taking him to the hospital because he’s too angry.’

Once Kiroff arrived at the hospital to see her son, a hospital staff member told her: ‘I just wanted to let you know that we had to restrain him … and also inject him with a sedative.’

Furious, the mother questioned why there was no parental consent requested. Staff told her that in extreme concerns for safety it is not needed.

Her child was also not allowed to go back to school for at least two weeks after the ordeal.  

Confused about the entire situation, Kiroff said: ‘How do you do that to my eight-year-old son? To me, he’s an injured child.’

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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