Angry standoff over woman’s cheeky tactic to reserve parking space

So who is in the wrong?
YouTube - Nicholas Chew

A dashcam owner has captured footage of his tense carpark standoff with a woman trying to reserve a parking spot by standing in it.

In the footage posted to YouTube, a woman can be seen running across the busy carpark to stand in the spot before the driver can reach it.

‘I was here first,’ she says to the couple in the car, putting her hands out to signal to them to stop.

Clearly outraged by the woman’s tactic, the male in the car beeps the horn.

‘You’re not even in a car, woman,’ he can be heard saying.

The woman was seen running into the empty parking spot
The woman was seen running into the empty parking spot (Credit: YouTube – Nicholas Chew)

‘Get out of here, are you kidding?’ the woman in the car can be heard saying.

But the woman standing in the spot refuses to move, indicating that her family’s car is just nearby.

The tense standoff continues for several minutes before another woman enters the frame, attempting to ‘shoo’ the car away so they can drive into the spot.

Refusing to back down, the driver says he’s not going to move.

‘This is a car parking spot, not a woman parking spot,’ he yells.

The women try to 'shoo' the car away
The women attempt to ‘shoo’ the car away (Credit: YouTube – Nicholas Chew)

The couple in the car eventually give up after another woman offers them her spot, but the video has sparked anger online after being posted to Reddit.

‘Don’t watch the end of this video, your anger levels will increase dramatically!’ one person wrote.

‘I would have outwaited those women until one of us dies of starvation,’ said another.

It has since been viewed over 100,000 times.

You can watch the footage here. But be warned, it might make you angry!

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