Adorable American kids try Vegemite for the first time

'It tastes like rainbows and unicorns!'
HiHo Kids
Prepare for cuteness overload!

A panel of tiny American food critics have sampled the finest Aussie cuisine – Picnic bars, Burger Rings, Freddo frogs and, of course, Vegemite!

 Captured on video, the clip was shared on YouTube via HiHo Kids – a channel where children test out food, drink and activities. 

‘Vegemite… is it spicy?’ asks one little girl before sampling a speck on her buttered toast. ‘I don’t really like it but the toast is delicious’ she concedes.

‘It tastes like rainbows and unicorns’ says another, adding, ‘it’s sour like soy sauce!’

Watch the video below:

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