99-year-old woman handcuffed by police and locked up – and she loved it!

The reason will make you laugh!
Politie Nijmegen-Zuid

Police in the Netherlands picked up a 99-year-old woman, cuffed her, and held her in a jail cell because simply – she asked for it!

When Annie’s niece heard about her aunt’s bucket list that included ‘get locked up’ she set about trying to make it happen.

Contacting the local police, they arranged a car and drove around to ‘arrest’ the almost-100-year-old.

Handcuffing her, they held her in a cell for a few minutes before letting her go.

Talking to Buzzfeed News the police spokesperson said it was an unusual request.

We don’t usually do this, but we made an exception for Annie.’

The post has since gone viral, with Annie’s beaming face enjoying every minute of her time behind bars.

The police captioned the post on their Facebook page as ‘a day to remember!’

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