11-year-old beaten by teens after trying to protect his friend’s scooter

Mum shared the shocking pics of her boy left bloodied.

A mum has shared photos of her son, minutes after he was bashed by teenagers for attempting to stop bullies riding off with his friend’s scooter.

Lyncon Owen, 11, says he was punched, kicked, and even hit with the scooter after standing up to the kids.

He was taken to hospital and needed stitches in his split lip, and might have a broken nose.

His mother, Julie Owen told 7 News of the horrible moment she saw her boy after the attack.

‘It’s just soul-destroying when you see your child covered in blood and hurting and crying.’

Lyncon’s dad, meanwhile says the teens parents need to be held responsible.

‘I want the parents to be accountable as well and be aware of what their kids are doing,’ Gavin Owen said.

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