Woman arrested for ‘cutting off husband’s penis’

It's unclear what her motive was
Carteret County Detention Centre

A woman has been arrested after being accused of tying up her husband and cutting off his penis.

According to Carteret County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina, Victoria Thomas Frabutt was charged with malicious castration and kidnapping.

 Yahoo News reported that allegedly, Mrs Frabutt tied up her husband James Frabutt, 61, and attacked him with a knife on Tuesday (10 September) morning.

Police arrived at the residence in Carteret County just before 4am and say that her motive for the castration is still unclear.

They were able to recover the detached body part, which was put on ice and transported to hospital.

Mr Frabutt was also taken to hospital, but his condition is unknown.

Mrs Frabutt, 56, is currently in hold in the country jail with bail set at US$100, 000 ($146, 000).

She is due to face court on Wednesday.

According to court documents that were seen by Law & Crime, the kidnapping charge is due to allegedly tying up her husband and then castrating him.

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