Thousands of kilos of food dropped to starving animals following bushfires

It’s raining veggies!

Tonnes of carrots and sweet potatoes have been dropped from helicopters to help feed starving wildlife in bushfire-affected areas across New South Wales.

Dubbed ‘Operation Rock Wallaby’ the government campaign aims to feed thousands of stranded brush-tail-rock-wallabies.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Environment Minister Matt Kean revealed that he hoped the food drop would help promote the survival and recovery of several endangered species, particularly those who’ve populations were burnt in recent bushfires.

‘The wallabies typically survive the fire itself but are then left stranded with limited natural food as the fire takes out the vegetation around their rocky habitat,’ he said.

‘The wallabies were already under stress from the ongoing drought, making survival challenging for the wallabies without assistance,’ he revealed.

Almost a tonne of vegetables were dropped to six colonies in the Capertree and Wolgan Valley as well as five sites in the Yengo National Park over the last week.

It’s reported that almost 100 kilos of food and water have also been delivered to the Kangaroo Valley.

While the NSW Government are currently investigating whether entire special of animals have been wiped out due to the recent fires, Minister Kean is counting on the food drops to help maintain the remaining population of the rock wallabies.

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