Teen pleads guilting to killing pregnant girlfriend because she hadn’t aborted their baby

She was six months pregnant at the time

A teenage boy has pleaded guilty to killing his girlfriend who was six months pregnant with their child.

As part of a plea deal, Aaron Trejo pleaded guilty to the horrific murder and feticide of his girlfriend Breana Rouhselang and their baby in December last year. He was just 16-years-old at the time.

The football player admitted to police that on the night of the murder, he and Breana had been arguing about the pregnancy.

According to court documents, Trejo claimed that Breana had waited ‘too long to tell him about the pregnancy to get an abortion’.

When asked by police what he did about that, Trejo answered ‘I took action… I took her life’.

Breana Rouhselang was brutally murdered (Credit: Facebook)

Trejo confessed to police that he had murdered by Breana by stabbing her in the heart with a knife, before stuffing her body into a plastic bag and tossing it into a rubbish bin behind a restaurant.

Speaking to The Daily Beast, Trejo’s aunt Alexzaundra Patton-Manu said it was ‘not his character’ to have committed such crimes.

Trejo is due to be sentenced in January next year where he reportedly faces up to 80 years in prison.

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