Chemical resistant super lice


Every Mum and Dad has battled with at least one dreaded head lice case!

Whether your little ones catch it from daycare or school it feels like there is no escaping the tiny  critters.

Now to make things even worse a new super-strength parasite is waltzing its way into your kids hair now!

The new parasite dubbed ‘super lice’ has developed a chemical-resistance to store bought head lice treatments.

Experts are now warning that with cases of ‘super lice’ on the rise, parents need to stop wasting their money on expensive treatments.

Research shows the old fashion way of manually picking out the nits is the only way to rid your hair this new breed of lice.

With some essential oils like tea tree oil and a good nit comb it seems like this might be the only way to out-smart the nits who outsmarted us!

University of South Australia Associate Professor Craig Williams told 7NEWS ‘Super lice would be the name we would give to lice that have become resistant to some of the treatments to kill them.’

He went on mirroring  ‘super lice’ to antibiotic resistance we have seen in the past, the more chemical and insecticides we use often creates a much bigger problem.

Williams recommends ‘Cheap hair conditioner and a nit comb, and manually comb them out.’

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