Stalker jailed after breaking into victim’s home and kissing her as she slept

It's every woman's worst nightmare

A man has been jailed after he broke into a woman’s home with the intention of sexually assaulting her as she slept.

Ian Essom managed to get inside the property in Olney, Buckinghamshire last year where he began kissing the unsuspecting woman.

When she woke, the woman tried to fight him off but he restrained her before fleeing the home.

Appearing in court last week, Essom had been found guilty of trespass with intent to commit sexual offence.

He was sentenced to eight years in prison and placed on the sex offenders register for life. 

During the hearing, it was found that another woman already had a restraining order against Essom for repeatedly staring at her as she worked late shifts at a petrol station.

Following the sentencing, Detective Constable Kim McHugh said he hoped the conviction would ‘give others the confidence to come forward and make a report to the police.’

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