The secret Kmart CODE that will blow your mind!

It will change the way you shop

Have you ever noticed the colours on the home-brand products at Kmart? Well, you’ll never miss them again.

A mum has revealed to fellow Kmart fans a secret code that will save you time when shopping at the popular retailer.

Kmart hack
(Credit: Facebook)

Taking to Facebook, she revealed that the Anko range is marked with one of 10 colours that are designed to tell employees which section the product belongs in.

‘Not a hack but did everyone know all the Anko branded stuff [in Kmart] is colour coded?’ the woman posted. 

Kmart hack
(Credit: Facebook)

‘My husband just pointed it out to me casually and my little mind was blown.’

Other Kmart shoppers commented, saying they’d also never noticed the colours before.

‘This is going to make shopping so much easier,’ one person wrote.

Here’s the handy colour code:

Lime green: Sports

Dark green: Camping

Purple, yellow, pink: Kids’ stationery

Dark blue: Luggage and bags

Pink/purple: Party

Light purple: Nursery

Orange: Kitchen and appliances

Light blue: Adults’ stationery

Grey: Pets

Blue: Bathroom

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