Santa calms down boy with autism in a heartwarming moment

How beautiful is this?

A kind-hearted department store Santa managed to calm down a boy with autism.

Sheila Seelye from Illinois shared the heart-warming video on her Facebook, explaining how her son, Baiz Weerts had wanted to meet Santa since he was two, but always backed out due to nerves.

The mum wrote how her boy suffers from an anxiety disorder called selective mutism, meaning he experiences ‘irrational fear’ and often shuts down in social settings.

Seelye took Baiz and his twin sister, Layna, to meet Santa at a local mall.

But as soon as they started to approach Father Christmas, Baiz got nervous and trailed behind his mum and sister.

Realising Baiz was anxious, the man approached Baiz as he sat in a trolley and comforted him. He then handed the boy a sticker and candy cane, as well as running his hand through Baiz’s hair and telling him it’s okay.

Baiz and twin sister Layne
Baiz and his twin sister Layna (Credit: Facebook)

In the post, Seelye explained, ‘He could see Baiz sitting in the back of the cart upset (with) himself because he wants so bad to go see him but his anxiety wins.

‘When Layna was done, Santa came over to Baiz so slow and sweet.’

She continued, ‘By the end of Santa talking to him he was crying the happiest cry I’ve ever seen from his. He had a smile while crying.

‘He knew how to calm Baiz down. He kept telling him, “you’re OK buddy. You’re going to be OK.’

Seelye added, ‘The timing was perfect. Santa picked the right child at the right time.’

What a lovely festive story!

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