Seven-year-old girl killed by tyre

The town of Roma is in mourning

Lily Dorrough was described as ‘beautiful’ and ‘adventurous’

A seven-year-old girl has died in a ‘freak accident’ when a tyre fell on her at a workshop.

It’s understood Lily Dorrough, from Roma, Qld, was at the workshop with her dad when the accident happened at around 5.45pm on Tuesday the 13th of August. 

The little girl died a few hours later.

Lily’s mum Nerissa Higgs has paid tribute to her daughter, who was in year two.

‘She was just Lily – the most beautiful outgoing child. She was my little baby and was very, very much loved,’ she told The Chronicle.

Nerissa added her little girl was ‘cheeky’ and ‘fearless,’  while Lily’s ten-year-old sister Hallie said she was ‘adventurous.’

The family are being supported by loved ones.

Workplace Health and Safety Investigators are investigating the incident, with assistance from Queensland Police.

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