Family find python eating cat outside

They called in a snake catcher to take it away
Beck White/Facebook

A family were horrified to find a cat being eaten by a python outside their home.

Mum Beck White, from Katherine, NT, found the cat half-eaten and called local snake-catcher David Reed to remove the three-metre animal.

She caught the animal with its jaws midway along the cat, and shared a photo online of the whole cat inside the snake.

‘By the huge bulge in his stomach you could tell he (the snake) was stuffed – I think he was taking a nap when I found him,’ Beck told the Sunshine Coast Daily.

Mr Reed, of Reed’s Reptiles, caught the snake and later released it in the bush.

He said it wasn’t unusual for pets to fall victim to snakes, and that the drought was bringing the predators closer to homes.

In a public review on Facebook, Ms White praised Mr Reed’s ‘quick’ response and said it was ‘quite distressing’ knowing a cat had been eaten.

She added: ‘It so easily could have been our much loved family pet.’

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