Most popular baby, cat and dog names revealed!

Does your pet or bub's name make the list?

The country’s most popular baby, cat and dog names have been revealed.

The lists have been compiled by Bonds from entries for their Bonds Baby Search competition, which includes a pet category.

Luna topped the charts for both cats and dogs, with Frankie taking second for dogs and Coco for cats.

And the lists showed The Lion King live-action remake had inspired people, with Simba and Nala making the feline top 10.

The ten names most popular with cat owners were:

1. Luna

2. Coco

3. Leo

4. Simba

5. Milo

6. Charlie

7. Ollie

8. Archie

9. Nala

10. Bella

Meanwhile royal name Archie, the son of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, also proved popular with dog lovers.

The canine top 10 reads:

1. Luna

2. Frankie

3. Charlie

4. Lola

5. Archie

6. Bella

7. Ollie

8. Ruby

9. Coco

10. Bailey

Is this kitty a Luna? (Credit: Getty Images)

Charlotte and Oliver topped the charts for baby names, continuing their reign as Australia’s favourite names.

Top Bonds Girls’ Names:

1. Charlotte

2. Mia

3. Ava

4. Amelia

5. Isla

6. Olivia

7. Harper

8. Willow

9. Ivy

10. Evie

Choosing a name can be tricky (Credit: Getty Images)

Top Bonds Boys’ Names:

1. Oliver

2. Noah

3. Leo

4. Jack

5. Charlie

6. Mason

7. Hudson

8. William

9. Harrison

10. Elijah

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