One in 30 people reveal they have POOED in the shower

And some even do it in their work showers

New research has revealed that one in 30 people have pooed in the shower!

The Metro reported how a recent study carried out by QS Supplies discovered the rather gross statistic.

Quizzing 1,010 Brits and Americans, one in 30 admitted to having a number two while they’re showering.

What’s more, some people even admitted to doing this in their office showers.

After the shocking results, one Twitter user asked their followers the same question – and seven percent of the 2,544 respondents said they had.

Twitter user asks followers who has pooed in the shower
(Credit: Twitter)

It prompted many questions, including, a simply, why?!

One person on Twitter wrote, ‘Why are you doing a poo in the shower, the toilet is right there, oh my god.’

Another asked, ‘Why would you poo in the shower and how?? Do you f*****g pick it up and throw it away after??? Whyyyy would you poo in the shower?’

We’re pretty disgusted too…

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