My hubby moved in his mistress

Poor Tracy

When Tracy and Andrew Arthur married in 2003 they were madly in love.

But by 2017, instead of staying home and helping Tracy recover from a complete shoulder replacement, Andrew kept disappearing.

Tracy’s fears increased when Andrew arrived home with what looked like a love bite on his neck.

He swore it was just a bruise from rough-housing with his mates but when Tracy found messages from another woman on his iPad, she knew he was having an affair.

Andrew and Tracy on their wedding day.

Andrew eventually admitted everything and demanded Tracy move out of the house which was owned by Andrew’s parents.

With no money for a lengthy legal battle, Tracy feared becoming homeless.

‘I had already lost my marriage and now I was going to lose my home,’ Tracy told The Mirror.

In January 2018 the courts granted Tracy, 55, an emergency occupation order allowing her to stay in the marital home until she could afford alternate accommodation.

Andrew, 50, wasn’t prepared to wait and moved his mistress straight in!

Andrew with his new girlfriend.

Tracy was forced to live out of her bedroom while Andrew and his lover claimed the rest of the house.

Andrew’s girlfriend took over the kitchen, Tracy’s car parking space and even wore Tracy’s pink dressing gown.

But the worst part was listening to her husband making love to another woman, so she started to play Ed Sheeran song on full blast to drown out the sound.

‘I had music on the whole time because I was so desperate not to hear them together in the next room,’ a heartbroken Tracy said.

Tracy moved into a council four months later and was relieved to be free of the both of them.

‘Someone else is living my married life with him in my home while I am in a tiny council flat on my own,’ she says.

‘They deserve each other!’

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