Muslims deliver truckloads of donations to drought-affected town

How touching

The Queensland town of Stanthorpe has been left floored after truckloads of donations were delivered by a Muslim community over the weekend.

The life-changing donation was organised by Muslim Aid Australia – an international relief and development agency assisting communities in need.

Delivered on the back of 20 semi-trailers, the community received a whopping 438 bales of hay and 190,000 litres of water which will go towards the drought-stricken farmers who were tipped to run out of water completely by the end of summer.

According to 7 News, Muslim Aid Australia had made a similar-sized donation just last month. However, the recent delivery has made national headlines after capturing the attention of passers-by who then posted the images to social media.

‘All I can say is wow’ said Charmaine Wilson who resides in the town.

‘What a mammoth effort. All I can say is thank you. We need all the help we can get,’ she added.

Riyaad Ally from Muslim Aid Australia said the organised had received donations from local Aussie businesses, as well as other contributions from around the world including Turkey and the UK.

‘Everybody just wanted to unite,’ he said of the ongoing support.

Adding that the organisation didn’t expect thanks, he said ‘we do this because we love it.’

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