Mum’s chilling warning to parents after ‘paedophile’s’ sickening Facebook request


An Aussie mum has shared an important warning to parents after a stranger messaged, asking for photos of her kids wearing nappies.

Melbourne mum, Jo, received the chilling message after posting an advert selling Huggies Toddler nappies on Facebook’s Marketplace.

Speaking to Kidspot, Jo said she found it ‘odd and weird’ when the man messaged asking to see photos of the nappies, but gave him the benefit of the doubt.

She said, ‘I thought maybe his wife had sent him to get some nappies and he was worried that he might get the wrong ones.’

However, it soon emerged she had a reason to find the message suspicious.

Jo's chilling Facebook messages
(Credit: Kidspot/Facebook)

The creepy stranger sent a sinister message, asking to see a photo of her daughter wearing the nappy.

Jo immediately replied, saying his request was ‘inappropriate.’

Clicking through to his profile, she spotted a disturbing photo.

‘By looking at his profile, I quickly summed up that he was a perv and, most likely, a paedophile. I felt disgusted that someone tried to violate my daughter,’ Jo said.

Chilling message from paedophile
(Credit: Kidspot/Facebook)

Wanting to warn other parents, she shared the alarming messages online.

Jo explained, ‘I would like to warn other parents to be careful and wary of these odd requests in case they think it might be innocent.

‘Also be cautious about what you post on the internet about you or your child.

‘Sometimes parents post cute photos of their little ones online not realising it might be used for something unsavoury.

She added. ‘The internet is not a safe place anymore so better be always cautious than sorry.’

Many mums were disgusted at the messages Jo had received, with one person commenting, ‘What an absolute pig!’

Another added, ‘If he’s doing that to you, he’s asking other people too, yuk!!’

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