Aussie mum shares adorable neighbour note exchange delivered by Nugget the dog!

This is too cute!

A mum has shared the adorable letter exchange between her daughter and neighbour – which was delivered via their pet dog! 

Taking to the heartwarming Facebook group, The Kindness Pandemic, Sarah Jayne shared a snap of her adorable American Staffordshire Terrier named Nugget. 

Along with the photo, Ms Jayne, who lives in central Victoria, wrote, ‘My dog Nugget came home with something stuck in his collar. 

‘I took it off and what was written on it made my daughter’s day and melted my heart.’ 

The letter was addressed to Ms Jayne’s daughter, Ava, aged six, and was written by ten-year-old Sianne who lives next door. 

In the beautiful note, she penned, ‘I know we can’t see each other now, but we can still send messages through Nugget. I don’t know why but dogs can’t carry viruses. I know right?’ 

She added, ‘Please can you send me a message back (so I know you’re still alive.)’ 

The thoughtful girl finished off the note with, ‘P.S Covid 19 will eventually go and everything will be o.k.’ 

Speaking to the Daily MailMs Jayne explained, ‘Ava had influenza last year and she was hospitalised. She still sees specialists as her kidneys were affected. Due to this we have been very careful with this current situation and have kept her home.’ 

Ava and Nugget the dog
(Credit: Sarah Jayne)

She also said how her daughter was struggling with the isolation, adding, ‘She has been quite lonely, missing her friends and hanging out with this current situation and kept her home. 

‘The letter made us really smile in these uncertain times, kids are so sweet.’ 

In the post, Ms Jayne explained how Nugget ended up with the note, writing, ‘We live on 30 acres and he wanders around to the neighbours visiting as they all love him. 

‘We are careful and sunning/spraying/washing hands for those concerned.’ 

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