Aussie mum reveals her son’s hilarious home-school scam

So funny!

An Aussie mum has shared the hilarious moment her son tricked her into thinking he was doing schoolwork. 

Parent blogger Laura Mazza had left her boy, Luca, unsupervised to get on with home school session as she had ‘a mountain of work’ to do. 

The Melbourne mum explained on Facebook, ‘While I was working in my office, I put FaceTime on, so if Luca had a question when unsupervised, he could ask. 

‘He was pretty quiet, but I could hear the lesson going on, so I didn’t feel very worried. I wanted him to feel trusted.’ 

The mum-of-three said how she would ‘pick up my phone and have a peak and it looked like he was listening.’ 

Laura continued, ‘I’d picked up my phone to tell him that he could have a break and realised he was eerily still, with the same dorky confused look on his face.’ 

‘I laughed and asked him if he was frozen, but of course he didn’t reply,’ 

Laura Mazza's son tricks her on facetime
Laura Mazza

‘I went upstairs, I could hear his little voice singing and playing. I look in his room and there he was, playing gleefully with his toys.’ 

‘I thought maybe he heard me say “break time” and ran off quickly to go play and it was frozen??’ 

But then Laura came across what she described as an ‘odd little set up.’ 

‘He had his sister’s iPad, propped up and situated perfectly in front of his iPad’s camera lenses…’ 

Laura Mazza
(Credit: itslauramazza)

The mum-of-three explained how her son’s iPad was showing multiple photos of him to make it look like he was listening intently to the lesson. 

She said, ‘The little sh*t put up a fake picture so it would look like he was sitting there, listening! 

‘He said, “You gotta admit, I’m pretty clever.” Yes, you are son. WAY TOO CLEVER. 

‘Scammed by a five-year-old. I am dead.’ 

Laura also hit the headlines last week when she defended her four-year-old daughter who is still wearing nappies.  

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