Mum accused of running over barber because she was angry about her son’s haircut!

The man is currently in hospital

A mum was so furious with the haircut that a barber gave her son, that she ran over him, it’s alleged.

According to KTVU, police are currently looking for Ruby Delgadillo, who authorities say rammed her Prius into Brian Martin, 63, who owns the Delta Barber Shop in Antioch, California.

Speaking to the TV channel, Martin’s business partner, Dustin Sounders, said mum Delgadillo is a regular customer and he has no idea why she got so angry.

He explained how Delgadillo started to kick the shop door after her boy’s haircut on Wednesday (4 December) afternoon. He estimated the son to be about seven or eight years old.

It’s reported that Delgadillo left the barbershop before returning. Th pair argued and when Martin when outside to take a photo of her license plate, it’s alleged Delgadillo plowed into him with her car, forcing him into the front glass of the store.

A witness said, ‘She took the kid to have a haircut, paid for it and came back. She complained about the haircut and they got into an argument.

Barber shop damage
Damage of the barber shop (Credit: KTVU)

‘I saw the car taking off, backing out and take off real fast.’

It’s reported that Martin was taken to a medical centre with a broken leg, which was operated on.

He took to Facebook writing that he was praying for the ‘lady who hit me.’

Sounders said, ‘That’s very typical of him. To be thinking of other people.’

It’s currently unknown what charges Delgadillo faces. Police are urging for information about her whereabouts.

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