McDonald’s now selling milk and bread during coronavirus crisis

Their usual menu will still be on offer

McDonald’s has announced it is now selling basic groceries during the coronavirus crisis.

A spokeswoman for the fast-food chain told it was part of McDonald’s’ commitment to support local communities during these uncertain times.

“Macca’s will now offer customers another way to access milk and bread, through its contactless drive-thrus and takeaway service, across the country,” the spokeswoman said in a statement.

“In addition to our usual Macca’s menu, customers will also be able to pick-up two or three litre bottles of full cream or skim milk, as well as packs of English muffins and gourmet bread rolls.

“Our contactless service removes any need for touch contact between our employees and customers, making it a safe way for people to get food and drinks, as well as these essential basics.”

McDonald’s last week announced it would stop customers from dining in at all its restaurants during the coronavirus pandemic.

“At Macca’s, looking after you, our team and the wider community is our priority, so in line with government guidance, we’re making a few changes,” McDonald’s said on Facebook.

Takeaway, drive-thru and delivery remain operational.

Customers can still walk into restaurants and order food to take away, but won’t be allowed to sit and eat it inside.

Orders are also being accepted on the fast-food chain’s app and other delivery services.

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