Married rapist drugged seven women and took 20,000 photos of them unconscious

His wife had no idea

A man has been jailed after pleading guilty to carrying out sex attacks on unconscious women at his home in London to fulfil his ‘depraved sexual fantasies.

Jamie Rogers, 33, admitted to 12 counts of rape, 15 counts of assault by penetration and 19 counts of sexual assault at Kingston Crown Court.

Police revealed that the attacks relate to seven victims and are thought to have taken place between January 2009 and July 2017.

It’s understood that Rogers would drug the women and sometimes their partners following drinking sessions at his home where he would offer them pills to ward off hangovers.

However, unbeknownst to his victims, the pills were actually a date-rape drug.

On one occasion he filmed himself abusing a woman as her husband lay nearby unconscious.

After being arrested on suspicion of having indecent images of children, police discovered a stash of 21,000 photos and 600 videos on his smartphone which showed him committing more than 100 separate sexual assaults and rapes at the home which he shared with his wife.

Both she and his victims had no idea of the vile crimes committed until they were shown the footage by police.

Speaking about the horrific case, Detective Inspector Simon Dowling said’ Rogers took complete advantage of these women to fulfil his own depraved sexual fantasies.’

Appearing at Kingston Crown Court last week, Rogers was jailed for 21 years and was place on the sex offenders register for life.

During his sentencing, Judge Jonathan Davies said ‘You are a predator who caused grave psychological harm.’

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