Man slammed after revealing he was hurt by his fiancée’s decision to keep her own name

'Am I being unreasonable?'

A man has been slammed online after he and his fiancée took to a forum called Mumsnet to settle a debate about whether she should take his surname after they marry.

Revealing he felt hurt by her decision to keep her maiden name after their upcoming wedding in October, the man said he and his bride-to-be were after some ‘outside help’.

‘A few days ago my partner told me she wan’t sure if she wanted to take my surname as she wasn’t sure if it would sound right,’ the British user wrote.

‘Ever since I proposed I have thought of her with my surname,’ he said, adding he felt hurt at the idea of them having different surnames.

Explaining his thought process, the man wrote that he wanted his partner to share the same name as his and their daughter.

‘It’s not the name she has a problem with, it’s just that she doesn’t think it goes with her first name,’ he revealed.

‘But to me, part of getting married is ending up with the same surname,’ he wrote before asking other users ‘Am I being unreasonable?’

(Credit: Mumsnet)

Attracting more than 240 comments at the time of publication, the post has received mixed reactions from people worldwide.

While some people could understand where the man was coming from, others wasted no time in labelling him unreasonable.

‘Why should she take your name? Why can’t you take her name?!’ one person wrote.

‘If the same surname is a big thing for you, change yours to hers. Why should she HAVE to give up her name?’ commented another.

‘You won’t be a family for long if you try to bully her into doing things that she doesn’t want to do, or subsume her existence into yours,’ a third person wrote.

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