Man who had sex with dog on Facebook AVOIDS jail

He'll receive counseling and a mental health evaluation

A man who had sex with his dog and shared clips of the abuse on Facebook, has avoided jail.

Nicholase Hill from Rockland in Maine, US, admitted to animal cruelty on October 31.

The 28-year-old was told he would avoid prison if he agrees to undergo a mental health evaluation and counseling.

He was also ordered to complete 60 hours community service, pay a $250 fine and stay away from dogs.

Hill had sex with his pet on multiple occasions and was caught out after sending clips of the abuse to a woman he knew on Facebook, asking if she ‘wanted to get involved’ with him and the animal for a threesome.

After refusing, she contacted Knox County Sheriff’s Office who viewed the videos and arrested the animal abuser at the end of August.

He initially denied the charges but changed his plea after striking a deal with prosecutors.

But the Bangor Daily News reported that Hill has been warned if he breaches his conditions, he will be sent to 14 days in jail.

It’s currently unknown where Hill’s dog now is. 

Last week, a dog suspected to have been raped by a human was saved from being put down and found her forever home.

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