Dog raped by human and saved from being put down finds her forever home

So glad there's a happy ending
Olive the dog is suspected to have been raped by a human. CREDIT: Olive's fight against BSL.

A dog who is suspected to have been raped by a human and left with horrific injuries has found a new home.

Olive the pit bull was found wandering the streets of London, UK, wearing a black leather collar and muzzle in April 2016. 

She was badly injured with a prolapsed uterus and her intestines were hanging out. A reliable anonymous source then contacted rescuers and said that human rape was the cause of Olive’s injuries.

The pooch had been microchipped but her recorded owners said they’d sold her and didn’t want her back. 

But even though Olive was rescued and given medical attention, her ordeal wasn’t over yet. She was deemed to be an illegal breed and magistrates ordered for her to be destroyed.

The practice known as Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) means that certain dog breeds can be put down, even if they haven’t shown themselves to be any danger to the public.

Hearing about Olive’s plight, campaigners took on Olive’s case and fought to keep her alive and started the Facebook page Olive’s fight against BSL.

Olive underwent numerous independent tests to assess her behaviour and wasn’t found to be aggressive.

Dog law specialist and the solicitor who represented campaigners James Parry told ‘There was never anything said that suggested Olive had misbehaved before she was found as a stray.

‘This poor dog was found as a stray and the amount of money spent putting her back together again and only for them to say “well she doesn’t look quite right, she’s a pit bull so she’s got to be killed”.’

In the three and a half years since she was found, Olive’s future has hung in the balance but on Tuesday a decision was finally made at Willesden Magistrate’s Court to overturn the decision to destroy her.

Her new owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, will have to ensure she is kept securely and must keep her on a leash and muzzle in all public places. She is also required to take out insurance covering potential injuries inflicted by the dog.

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