Man charged after attempting to lure girls into bushes with $1 coin

So terrifying

A Perth man has been charged after he allegedly attempted to lure two underage girls using a $1 coin taped to a handwritten note.

Police allege the man was at Quarry Adventure Park where he approached the girls aged 11 and 12 outside a toilet block.

It’s understood that he dropped a note on the ground with a $1 coin taped to the paper which read ‘come with me if you want more’.

The man then allegedly dropped an opened condom wrapper in front of the girls before retreating into the bushes where he stood behind a tree.

Police confirmed that after reading the note, the girls immediately returned to their parents and alerted them to the incident, prompting a call to the police.

The 48-year-old man was charged with procure, incite, encourage a child under 13 years to do an indecent act.

Police are encouraging parents to have important discussions with their children about their personal safety.

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