A kind stranger has been sending flowers to a cancer ward every Monday for 12 years

How beautiful is this?

A cancer ward has revealed how every Monday for the past 12 years, an anonymous person has sent a bunch of flowers.

Now dubbed as The Monday Flowers, the oncology ward at Mission Hospital in Asheville, North Carolina, have no idea who is behind the heartwarming act.

Each week, nurses will pick a patient who is having a tough week to receive them.

Alivia Cozzarelli shared the idea on Facebook, explaining that they don’t know who is sending them, but that they come from Your House of Flowers every week.

She wrote, ‘Our manager doesn’t know for sure, but he thinks they are sent from a man whose wife passed away on our unit.

‘I’ve made up so many stories in my head about this person. Like maybe he bought his wife flowers every week and when she died he didn’t know where to send them so he just sent them to the place where she passed away.’

Alivia Cozzarelli Facebook post flowers sent to cancer ward
(Credit: Facebook)

She added, ‘Or maybe someone brought her flowers when she was in the hospital and it made her so happy that he wanted to bring that same joy to another person going through a hard time.’

Alivia also said, ‘I don’t think we’ll ever know the whole story but I do know that I’m sincerely grateful for people like this kind, anonymous human. And every Monday I’m inspired to be kind to strangers every chance I get.’

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