Influencer mum loses husband in dry ice pool stunt

So heartbreaking

An influencer mum has tragically lost her husband in a ‘dry ice pool stunt’ to celebrate her 29th birthday.

Ekaterina Didenko, from Russia, was left devastated when the accident resulted in the death of her husband Valentin Didenko, 32.

It’s reported that two party guests, Natalia Monakova and Yuri Alferov, both 25, also died.

The Mirror reported how 25 kilos of dry ice was thrown into their pool to create a ‘steam show’ effect at the party.

But soon after the ice was added in, guests swimming in the pool began suffering from chemical burns and severe breathing problems.

Valentin and seven other guests, including Ekaterina, were rushed to hospital.

Valentin later died.

Elkaterina took to Instagram, confirming her husband’s death to her 1.1 million followers.

Filming from her hospital bed, she said, ‘Valya (Valentin) is not with us anymore. I did not cry yesterday. Today I just exploded. I thought it was not true, it was a nightmare.

‘Nastya woke up today – “Where is daddy?’ I do not know what to say to her…

In a previous video, she told her followers, ‘I am alive, I am behind the doors of intensive care ward.

‘I don’t know who died. Valya is in the intensive care. I don’t know what state he is in.’

Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide. High concentrations can cause dangerous levels of carbon dioxide to enter the blood stream and block oxygen from reaching vital organs.

An expert has speculated ‘another substance’ could have contributed to the poisoning.

The Russian Investigative Committee is investigating the deaths.

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