Young girl discovers she’s eight months pregnant after her brother allegedly raped her

So awful

A young girl has discovered she is pregnant after she was allegedly raped by her teenage brother.

According to The Metro, the unnamed girl discovered she was eight-months pregnant after going to hospital with abdomen and back pains.

Doctors at the hospital in the city of Posadas, northern Argentina, checked the girl and confirmed she was pregnant.

She then told them that she had been raped by her brother, 15.

Hospital staff reported the alleged assault to a women-only police unit and it’s currently being investigated.

It’s reported by local media that the girl didn’t understand properly what was happening and said her older brother only raped her once.

The brother of the victim has been removed from the family, the Department of Social Development reported.

Due at the end of the year, the baby will be looked after by their grandmother so the girl can finish her education.

The mother of the girl knew nothing about the sexual abuse and was shocked to discover her daughter was pregnant.

As the boy accused of raping his sister is a minor, he can’t be charged. He is currently under the custody of his aunt.  

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