Fun ways to get the kids involved with house renos

Saul Myers shares his tips

We all know that home renovation is one mammoth task, but throw kids into the mix and things can get even harder! 

Just how much should your little ones get involved? And how can you keep them on track with your house goals? House Rules judge and tradie pro Saul Myers shares his top tips: 

‘My advice would be to never let the kids get involved. Just kidding.  

 Kids will always be your harshest critic when it comes to remodelling the home that they have grown up in. They don’t see the ageing aesthetics, they see it as their home. So it’s important to include them in decision-making, But you can trick them into it. 

When you have narrowed down your paint colours let them choose between your last couple choices that way they will feel more in control of the changes occurring.  

Mum and daughter painting wall

 Hopefully you will be demolishing walls, that way let the kids go nuts on painting and drawing on the walls before it comes down. The older ones can even help with smashing the plaster board.  

Remember kids can also be an asset in the design process especially the way their little brain thinks outside the conventional boxes we live in. 

Make a suggestion box and entertain their ideas. Maybe each child gets one suggestion to come to reality. This can be extremely valuable upon resale or selling a house.  

Family in home

Remember the people you want to be selling to will most likely have children like yourself. So when the kids have the idea of having a hidden toy room in the roof space, which sounds crazy to you and I, however, when sale time comes around and the potential buyers kids find out there is a hidden toy room in the roof space, guess whose  house will be begged and pleaded for their parents to buy. 

 So let them go mad with ideas, secret bookshelves, treehouse, slides from bunk beds, one might turn out a gem and not so crazy after all…..’

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