Foster mother killed girl, 3, after binding her in sheets to stop her moving

She's due to be sentenced in December

A foster mum has admitted to murdering a three-year-old girl who was in her care.

Sherrie Dirk, 34, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder of the child, who was ‘completely immobilized’ in November 2017, after Dirk had bound her so tight in sheets that she couldn’t move.

The woman then left the toddler alone in a room in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with the door shut.

Left to die of thirst and hunger, it was her foster father, Bryce Dirk, 32, who found the girl five hours later with a single sheet around her neck.

According to The Metro, detectives said the child’s weight had dropped drastically since moving in with the Kirks in September 2016.

Bryce Dirk admitted to second-degree murder last month as he had turned a blind eye to the girl’s suffering.

He’s due to be sentenced 4 November and it’s estimated he will receive 12 and a half years in jail.  

Meanwhile, Sherrie Dirk, will be sentenced 3 December and could receive 25 years behind jail.

The couple’s four other kids have been removed from their custody and a petition to terminate their parental rights will be heard next month.

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